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Walk Into Your Season

by Min Carenda Deonne-Founder on 01/22/13

Have you ever had a song that was in your heart? A song that when you heard it, just gave you peace and encouragement. There is a song that Donald Lawrence produced several years ago called, "walk into your season."

".....I feel blessings in the air. The seeds that you sow you will come into your own....season, walk into your season."

I can't help it...LOL I am singing it now as I write. Well, it was interesting because during Christmas I think I received 7 new pairs of shoes. I mean beautiful classy shoes. I said to myself and my family that I am not sure what new season I am getting ready to walk into, but I am truly prepared.

Every time I would open a gift and if it was a new pair of shoes, I would just keep saying thank you Lord for preparing me to walk into my new season; a season of platform, a season of grace and a season of beauty. I know a lot of people may think, well Min. C seasons change, and they do and that’s what excites me. When seasons change you don't know what to expect.  You may even assume that the winter prior will be the same now.  However, not necessarily so, seasons do come but they come with changes and surprises. I think it’s so loving of our Heavenly Father that even though we may not know what to expect in these changing times, He will always prepare us.  As long as we lean on Him and know that He has prepared the way, we can embrace our new season with grace and favor.

When you get a chance, look up that song by Donald Lawrence "Walk Into Your Season." and let it minister to you.

As he says, "put a smile on your face" its time ladies to walk into our season. Lets walk with confidence, lets walk in forgiveness, lets walk in love, lets walk in victory and  into every blessing and spiritual abundance that God has already prepared for you.

What’s your song for this season in your life?  I would love to hear from you.

Much Love!

Min. C


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